Genteel Arts Civilian Symposium 2016 part two

For the start of the second day I got to sleep in since Samantha had to set up the sutlery in the vendor hall. I even had breakfast in bed! Mr Sekela had to go back to Gettysburg for a few items and when he did he brought me a package. It was from Anna Bauersmith! I love when packages from her arrive. Here are the two peices of millinery that arrived. One is s croquet ensemble hat and another a fashion sun hat.  

I helped Samantha during the day then we got an early night since Saturday was going to be a long and exciting day. 

We had to be in the vendor hall from 8am to 5:30pm on Saturday. Once the vendor hall closed we went and changed for the ball. Samantha and Mr Sekela had their portrait taken first. Then Samantha and I had one taken in our matching ball gowns. I will post the photos when we get them in later. 

Sunday was a short and easy day. I was able to converse with my new friend Emily. Her guardian has just passed so was still dressed in mourning. 

I was glad to be able to hopefully give her a small bit of comfort in this time of sadness.

We packed up at 2pm and headed home. I had such a fun weekend and I can’t wait for the next symposium in 2018? 

Genteel Arts Civilian Symposium 2016 part one

A few weeks ago I attended the Genteel Arts Civilian symposium with Samantha and Mr Sekela. The first day of the symposium was a day of workshops. Last year we attended two workshops but due to the fact that Samantha had to work in the morning we could only attend one this year. So we did a class on using a bead loom to create bracelets! Samantha made me watch while she worked.  

I am hoping she will make one for me someday. 

Later that night we attended the welcome party. It’s not official but it’s also known as the wrapper party. So we had a chance to show off our wrappers and Mr Sekela showed off his new dressing gown.  

I have to go for now but I will post more photos later! 

Hello big world!

I want to introduce myself and my chaperon, Samantha. I am a reproduction 1850’s style china doll who travels with her chaperon around the country and sometimes even overseas! I enjoy meeting new friends, getting new clothing and of course having fun. I hope to have Samantha posting tutorials for me as well! I love quilts, fancy crafts and anything pretty. My next post will probably be by Samantha. She loves to craft. I hope you will stick around and go on adventures with me.