What’s in the future. 

I’m sorry for the radio silence friends. Recently I have been staying at home and planning upcoming trips. Next month I will be attending  an event at Ft Washington,MD and an event in Rockford,IL. I’m hoping to be able to post some photos from those events. 

I also am traveling down to Atlanta,GA in a few weeks so Samantha can learn to make more dolls like me! I love Atlanta! 

See you later! 

UFDC Public Day part two: Dolls with Wardrobes.

Entrance to public day did not only include the sales room but also displays of antique dolls and artisans! The first room we visited was called “Antique Dolls with wardrobes”. This room held dolls from about 1830s to 1912 with wardrobes bigger than most people have then or now!

First we saw a gentleman of leisure who had a wonderful tailor!


Then I made the acquaintance of this lady who was the star of a Sanitary fair with her beautiful wardrobe.


These tiny ladies had huge wardrobes! I cant even fathom sewing those tiny garments.


Here are a few other ladies that had wonderful closets, some I wish would share with me!


Just wait  until the next post about the exhibit on Tasha Tudor and her doll friends!


UFDC Public Day Washington,DC 2016

On Friday the 29th of July Samantha and I traveled to Washington,DC to attend the UFDC(United Federation of Doll Clubs) public day. This is the day where they let non UFDC members pay to attend limited exhibits and the sales room. 

First stop once we arrived was the sales room to shop for me…….I mean window shop! There was so much to look at it was hard to focus on what was in front of us. Some of my “cousins” that were for sale had full wardrobes! Imagine not having to wait until someone has time to sew a new dress for you! We saw beautiful trunks, furniture, shoes, accessories and anything else you could possibly imagine.


I wanted to purchase a pair or two of new shoes but they did not have my size in stock. Oh well! I bought a sewing companion like the one in Godeys Ladys Book and a china head doll to dress on my own!


Samantha said next year we would go for the whole convention! I cant wait to go and make more friends! 

Until next adventure, have a fun weekend!