Thanksgiving day 2016

Most people will cook a huge feast for Thanksgiving day; not in my house! Samantha told me to put on something nice but also something I was able to travel in. I also added my paletot to my ensemble since it was so chilly outside. The big museum we went to visit as the Smithsonian museum of American History.


My favorite exhibit was the First lady’s gowns. My favorite gown is Mary Todd Lincolns! It is a purple velvet with white silk piping to accent it. It also has it original evening bodice with it still!


There were plenty of accessories to admire as well. Jewelry and shoes seemed to be a theme. I also found a fan that I love!


I saw one of my cousins in the museum as well! She belonged to John Quincy Adams daughter.


After a full day wandering the museum we packed into the car and traveled back to Gettysburg. Next time I go to Washington, DC I want to visit the White House! They have to let me in!

Until next time friends!

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