Good things come to those who wait

You have probably been wondering why there has been radio silence. We have been traveling and attending events. But the biggest news is…….drum roll please…… I have finally been able to get my shop opened! It has been a slow road but it has been worth it. From taking the long trip out to Ohio to pick up my equipment to learning to repair my kiln all by myself(with a little help)! 

Though it may seem like getting my shop up and running is the hard part, I know it’s not. There is still product samples to be made, stock to build and developing new products and opportunities. At the end of this month , I will be speaking at the Citizens forum of the 1860s in Monroe, MI. My talk will be on China head doll basics from 1850-1865. I will be open to more speaking engagements if any groups or organizations would like to hear a talk on antique dolls, please keep me in mind! 

So the moment you have all been waiting for…….the link to my website!

Please stop by and take a look! If you any questions or suggestions, contact me! 

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