Citizens Forum of the 1860’s 2017

The week end  of March 24-26th Samantha and I were up in Monroe, Michigan. We drove about 7 hours to get there. The hotel was comfortable and the conference venue was spacious. We had to be at the venue at Monroe Community College at 9 am on Friday morning to set up.


It only took an hour or so set up Samantha’s table. After wards the workshops started. The first workshop was to make a gathering apron or a knitting apron. Samantha learned how to make a gathering apron. Glenna Jo Christenson taught the workshop. She showed us many different types of aprons. I saw some very fancy ones I think Samantha needs to make me.


Afterwards, we manned the vendor table and met conference attendees. Friday night was very relaxed with a short time to change and freshen up; then onto the historic Sawyer house.

When we arrived, there was a brass band playing on the front porch.

After we listened for a bit, Samantha wanted to sample some of the delicious foods that were prepared.


We headed back to the hotel early in the evening due to still being exhausted from traveling the previous day. The next day we arrived bright and early at the college to man the table. At 1 pm that day Samantha spoke on dolls from 1850-1865. It was well received and she got many good questions at the end.

The conference was over at 7 pm for the day. That evening Samantha and I worked on needle work at the hotel room in our night clothes. It was very relaxing.

Sunday was the last day and it was a great ending to a great conference. It ran from 9 am to 1 pm. After the closing remarks were delivered and everything was packed up, we hit the road back to Gettysburg.

We made it back home the following day. I was sad to see the conference over but happy to know that it would be back next year! Samantha and I will return next year to be sure. Seeing the original clothing, jewelry, punched paper and shoes on display was one of the highlights for Samantha.


If you are considering attending this conference; don’t hesitate! The minute sign up opens up for next years, just sign up. You will not regret it!


The dates for next years conference are:

March 23-25th, 2018

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