Doll Quilt-ober!

This month over at Humble Quilts, there is a new doll/small quilt a long. Its called Sajou. This one is fun for me because I am trying to purge my stash of extra quilting fabrics. Over the years I just bought fabrics I loved because……because……I have no constructive answer for you; sorry. So now, I have a drawer full of overflowing fabrics and I want to slim down the hoard. The only way to do so is use it up! Last time Humble quilts did a doll/small quilt a long called Palmateer Point; I used exclusively stash fabrics. Some fabric choices I was not super crazy about at first but I have a goal in mind and I made it work. Now I love the quilt.

The first post was about the center block. I made my center block and then decided even though it was cute, I didn’t want a whole quilt centered around that specific block. The main color being pink and I truly loathe pink.  Though putting this square together did help my stash and help stretch my creativity color wise. So I quilted and bound it to make what is essentially is a fancy potholder.

So I went through every scrap of reproduction quilting fabric I own and pulled fabric for two quilts.

The first one will use what is left from some bright prints that I love. I would rather see them in a quilt for display than have them gather dust in my sewing room.

The second set is a work in progress. The fabrics are bound to change slightly as I am still working through my palate for that one. I know the center block will be the black with tan medallion. Stay tuned for a final fabric palate on this one.

Until next time!

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