Mini hat post #1:

A few weeks ago during the symposium, I received a lovely untrimmed hat from Anna Worden Bauersmith.

img_3868It was made to imitate many hats found in illustrations and fashion plates depicting casual outdoor wear, more specifically playing croquet. So Samantha and I poured every one of these examples and picked out the perfect one for me.

Woman's Hat United States, mid to late 1850s

I thought the hat’s simplicity would be perfect for many outfits! So we went shopping at the symposium for the brown silk ribbon and then came the waiting. Samantha had a few other projects to finish before she could decorate this hat for me. The other night she finally added the last details and it was ready for me to wear! Here is the finished product!

PS: You can see a sneak preview of my parasol that Samantha is going to recover next!


For more information on 19th century millinery and where to buy a similar hat click the links below:


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