Doll Parasols, A lesson in scale.

I wanted to start off my post showing what parasols for regular lady’s looked like in comparison to there height. First off we see a fashion plate from 1861:

Le Follet, August 1861


Obviously its quite small. Most original 1850-1860’s parasols are like this for regular  lady’s. Here is a real life example aka the original cast:

lady with parasol

Now for the doll sized examples:

orginal parasol 165-1870

This one is not quite as dainty even though it dates to about 1865-1870. Showing that the doll industry fudged with there sizing. I’m not sure why but its common. As with this original parasol that Samantha will be recovering for me.

calicobuttons 003

The next posting will be of the recovered parasol itself! I picked out a lovely blue silk with black lace to decorate it!


Stay tuned!!!



3 thoughts on “Doll Parasols, A lesson in scale.

  1. Just curious…has anyone seen pictures of original dolls with their original parasol, for size comparison? Or perhaps an original doll collection with a parasol? Dolls were made in many various sizes, some quite large.


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