This past weekend Samantha and I traveled to Atlanta, Ga. The main reason for this trip was fr Samantha to take a doll making workshop. She is trying to become a doll maker.  Thursday was a day of traveling. At the airport while waiting to be picked up I indulged in a snack of french desserts.



Friday Samantha’s class started. She I was on my own during the day. I rooted around in the doll studio meeting new friends and getting into things I shouldn’t have been in into. But enough about that.


The next day the class was the same length of time but afterwards we went to the circus! And not just any circus……Cirque Du Soleil! The show was called “Kurio’s” or “Cabinet des Curiosites”. It was great! I saw daring feats of acrobats, an invisible circus and funny clowns. I was told I can’t join the show. There goes my dreams of adventures and romance!


The last day of class I had to say goodbye to my  new friends. But I said I would see them next month. Samantha finished two new dolls and we are becoming fast friends!

Excuse the nudity! Samantha is working on clothes for them right now.


Monday we left for the airport and in the afternoon we were back in Gettysburg, Pa.I cant wait to return to Atlanta next month for Samantha’s next class. We will be there for a whole week too! Can you imagine the trouble I will find….er…..I mean the adventures? See you soon!


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