Doll Parasols, A lesson in scale. Part deux

Since publishing my last post I was challenged (Yay a challenge!)to look for size comparisons of doll parasols with there original owners. So I went to the best place for great dolls with great (orginal!)wardrobes; Theriaults . They are the premier doll auction house.

jameauparasol First photo is of a pre 1880 Jameau parasol. This sizeof 16.5″was made for a 24″ doll.

1870parasol doll17 This doll is circa 1870 and measures 17″ tall. Her parasol is almost half her height. Hers might measure about 8″ or 9″ tall.

1878theriults This doll is circa 1878 and measures 19″ tall. Her parasol is almost the same height as the one above. This is going into the era when parasols were larger so that could explain the large size. This parasol could measure about 15″ or so.

1866theruiltsThis doll is circa 1866 and her parasol looks to be in better proportion to her her height. She measures 17″ tall. If we figure that the parasol is almost half her height, then it might measure about 8″ or 9″ tall.



I will leave you with this photo of original doll parasols circa 1865-1880. There is no matching doll to these beauties so we wont know how tall there original owners were. The measure from 7″ to 10″.


*All theses images and the information is from Theriaults auction house and Doll Shops United.*

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