A trip back in time!

On labor day Nick and Samantha decided to close the shop down for a day off. They decided (without consulting me!) that we were to attend the Pennsylvania Renaissance faire. I had never been to one before so this was truly an adventure!


When we first arrived I saw my favorite of all the Greek Gods, Bacchus! The God of wine!

Then next we had to find something to eat there were so many choices! I wanted a turkey leg but was told that was too much food for my ladylike frame. So I settled on chicken on a stick. I confess, I have never eaten chicken in this form before. It was tasty.

We visited a pottery stall and she was very talented! I wanted to help but was dressed too nice to do so.

Then Samantha had a henna tattoo done! I had never seen that done before. The lady who did the artwork had a steady hand and was funny as well. I declined from having any henna done since it would have clashed with my ensemble.

Once we had looked in all of the merchants stalls, we decided to head home. It was a fun day, even though it was very warm. I can not wait until next faire trip!

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