Battle of Perryville reenactment 2016 (photo heavy post!)

Where has the time gone? There has been so much going on in doll world and non doll world here! 

During the weekend of October  8 and 9th 2016, we stayed in the town of perryville for the 144th anniversary of the battle. Unfortunately we were not at the battle site itself but downtown. This presented some great opputunitues for bar b q, little museums and visiting with old friends. 

No photos were taken of the tasty bar b q due to the fact that none of us looked like ladies or gentlemen eating it and it didn’t last long enough! But plenty of photos of the little historical society were taken. 

WH Parks was the last owner of the storefront that is now the historical society. One day years ago she was very sick , closed up the shop and went home. She never recovered and died. The shop sat empty for a number of years after that. All the merchandise in the store was old stock she packed away when it didn’t sell. It was a perfectly stocked time capsule! 

The next day we had a visit from friends! 

After the end of the event, we packed up and went back to the hotel. Everybody was exhausted and passed out! The next day we took a detour to visit the toy and doll musuem of Kentucky! I will make that a separate post as it will feature every photo I took there. 

Have a lovely and doll filled day! 

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