Current Projects I’m working oni

As I’m sure my loyal readers can see, some of the projects I work on are made at work during downtime. I work a job where you have to be there and waiting for a guest to call or come up to the desk to ask for something. So being busy all the time does not happen. I can take small unobtrusive projects to work with me that don’t require extreme concentration. So all of the berlin work projects I made a few months back were perfect for this. Last winter, I knitted up a storm at work. Everything I produced was either destined to be gifts for friend’s dolls or for my shop. Today’s project is actually for Lydia Ann!

The piece I am working on is called a “Nubia”. Here is the pattern for the full size Nubia. Basically its a long wide scarf you wrap around your head gracefully for nicer occasions. The pattern for the full sized version is three yards long. Obviously a doll version wont be as long. I made the first version I made 15 inches long by 5 inches wide. I have knitted a full size version and never want to do it again. It took FOREVER! The doll version isn’t quite as bad but still just as mindless. The size of it is perfect for a work project.

The first doll version I did of this years ago, was in the same color magenta pink my full size one is. I don’t think I have a photo of it. I believe those pictures were lost. I am not even sure where it went to, to be honest. The second version was for a friends doll this past Christmas. It was knitted in cream fingering weight wool yarn and was heavenly looking when done.

The current Nubia being knitted is in a beautiful shade of light sky blue and reminds me of a sky on a clear spring day. Sadly I don’t have any good photos of the color. It just wont photograph the same as I see it. But here is the current progress shot.

Ill keep you posted on progress as this project takes shape!

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