One Garment, Three ways

What do you do when you have a half yard of violet silk fabric? I don’t know what you would do but my answer was to make an 1860’s mantle for a doll!

I bought this silk for another project but it only took a small piece. I fell for the beautiful violet color and had to make something for dolls out of it. Since I had less than a half yard, my options were limited. I decided to do a silk mantle. The original plan was to make one for Lydia Ann. After I made one, I still had more fabric to use.

So I made another and then another. So with that I give you a mantle done three ways. Technically two of these styles are the same but the trim gives a different effect. But the third one is different ( actually this was because I ran out of out fabric by this time and had to improvise).

Here are my inspiration images of originals:

And my interpretations:

One of these is for sale and your doll can own one! But if you want a different design or trim, contact me! I can design something specially for your doll!

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