Time Traveling to 1783!

This past weekend was Smithsonian’s Musuem day. Its a weekend where you can get free admission to historical sites near you and all around the country. We used it as an excuse to see some local historic sites that we never get to go to! I had no idea about one of the two sites we visited, the Neas house.

It was built in 1783 by Mathias Neas. He was a tanner from Maryland. A Neas family member lived in the house until 1853 when it was turned into a public house.

The house is filled with pieces of furniture and portraits from the Hanover, PA area.

The most notable name of furniture maker was John Rupp. This is an ancestor of the Rupp’s that lived in Gettysburg during the Civil War. It was  pretty awesome to get to see these piece up close and even see John Rupp’s signature on a newly acquired chair!

A docent even let us sit Lydia Ann, Temperance and Mary Ella in an original 19th century high chair!

After the tour we met a paper cutting artist who practices an art that was very popular during the 19th century.

If you would like more information on the Neas house or the Hanover historical society follow this link.

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