Hershey’s Chocolate World Adventure!

On Sunday 23rd Lydia Ann, her friend Mary Ella, Mary Ella’s mom and myself went to Hershey’s Chocolate world in Hershey, PA! If you haven’t been there yet, its like a taste of Hershey park but for free. It has a ride that simulates the making of chocolate (because you cant tour the Hershey factory anymore), a make your own chocolate bar tour, a huge gift shop full of the largest bags of chocolate the world ahs ever known and a food court.

We couldn’t do Hershey park (though Lydia Ann and Mary Ella wanted to go), so we choose Chocolate World. We went to the Hershey outlet shops that morning for the Disney store and the American Girl outlet. The American Girl outlet was kind of a bust but we had fun at the Disney store!

The evidence:

We got to Chocolate World near lunch time (wrong time to go by the way……) and went straight for the ride!

The girls decided to get photos taken in the photo spots around the building.

Lydia Ann wanted to buy multiple huge bags of candy but I said no. You can imagine the attitude I got back. After we were finished with Chocolate world we headed home.

Next time we will be visiting Hershey Park with the girls! That will be an even BIGGER adventure!

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