Dollhouses and Samantha

I have always wanted a dollhouse. Not just a Barbie dream house but a wooden dollhouse with small dolls that live in it and miniature furniture. I was gifted a dollhouse kit; the house and furniture; for Christmas when I was around 8 or so. It was the most exciting present I received that year. Sadly, the kit sat on the shelf until we moved a few years later and I presume it was trashed.

I have never forgotten that dollhouse kit.

I don’t know if you read my post about how I got into dolls (you should) but until then I had forgotten about my dollhouse obsession. Then a few years later, it came back with a vengeance. One of my friends started putting together her own dollhouse and then I found out another had a miniatures obsession as well. So here I am with grand plans for my future dollhouses.

The challenge: build a replica 1944 dollhouse from a “Woman’s Day” magazine booklet!

I am planning on showcasing this in a small display at an upcoming event in November. I am making the full house (with help from the other half) and then using the subsequent magazine’s plans to furnish the house. Some furniture will be home made from odds and ends around the workshop and some will be purposely made from the plans. I also will be buying some readymade pieces but only what could have been available during the period. So items like shutters, doors, windows etc.

I hope you will follow me on this fun and crazy venture. I will be doing posts on here talking about progress on the house and its furnishings as well as links to good tutorials online.

So come with me down the rabbit hole!

2 thoughts on “Dollhouses and Samantha

  1. Can’t wait! I have some very sheer nylon and some fairly mini-print wallpaper and fabric. Let me know if you want to take a look!


  2. Sounds like fun!! Check Facebook Marketplace. I see Dollhouse furntur in there a lot. If you see something in the York area that you like, I can pick it up for you.


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