Dollhouse accessories part one


So I have started on furnishing the dollhouse even though it has not been built yet or even cut out! But I know that this will be a huge project and I will have to continually work on this up until the last moment.


Up first is a set of lamps made from ½” wooden craft store bobbins (the kind you get in the woodworking section). I had a total of 6 left from another project. So I glued three stacked one on top of another and then painted them gold. I used gold because I had it in my stash and wanted a bright neutral (I consider gold a neutral).

For the thingy (I know there’s a technical name for but I can’t find it right now) that holds the light bulb in place and holds the lamp shade, I used bent paperclips. I just manipulated them until they held the lamp shade in place to glue. They ended up being triangle type shapes with what could only be called a “tail”.

The lamp shades are made from white chipboard (really thin non corrugated cardboard). I freehanded my shape and then glued those pieces together. (And before you say a word internet world, yes I know the one shade is crooked; it got fixed later.)

Voila! Lamps for the living room!


Next small project I did for the house was a bowl of fruit for a table. I was digging through a bag of vintage buttons and came across a button that was clear cut glass and in the shape of a bowl. At the widest point it is about an inch wide. I washed and dried it and then glued in the dollhouse sized fruit using regular tacky glue (which I also had in my stash). Stash busting for the win!

Would you like a piece of fruit?


The last photo is of the bowl on the kitchen table in progress. I will have another post about that set later.


Until next time!

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