Dolly Sized Knit Goods

Last winter while at work, I was able to spend my downtime knitting doll sized scarves and caps. I was finishing one piece a week (which is fast for me). I made pieces for Lydia Ann, her friends for Christmas and for my shop.

This winter I will have a different job (technically it starts this month) and wont have that much downtime. Plus crafting at this job could be frowned upon. So my only time to craft will be at lunch. This brings me to my question for my readers:

What pieces would you want to see more of this winter for your doll?

Sortie/Opera cap:

Cravat type scarf:

Long striped scarf:

Godey’s Braided scarf:

Medium length scarf with tassels:

Please comment on which style you would be interested in and if there is another style you would like, let me know!

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