September 1861 Fashion Plate Gown

I don’t know how this slipped through the cracks but I just figured out that I never wrote about this dress. So here goes.

I found this fashion plate on Pinterest and had to make it for one of my dolls! It was fate when a few months later I found the perfect silk on my of my trips. I knew then, that this dress would become a reality. I think total trim and all it took me one year to make. After the initial construction was done, I worked on the trim once a week for two hours. After that I lost focus and had to work on others projects. The trim consists of a base. The base is cream silk ┬áribbon ruched and sewn to the top of the skirt flounce. Then over the entire length of that is little pieces of light green/blue ribbon tacked down in “X” shapes. I don’t even know how long in hours I worked on this or how many pieces of ribbon I tacked down.

In the fashion plate, she has some sort of mantle/cape/etc. You cant really see a shape so I went with a fashionable elbow length cape. I used a cream silk to match the trim on the dress and to trim it I used a wider version of the green/blue ribbon. Then I topped it with seed beads to add a little sparkle. That detail is something you see on dolls clothing than human sized clothing from the era but I love mixing the two as its seen in original dolls wardrobes.